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Jobs posted within the last 90 days

Business Development Associate - Deeplocal Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA

This position reports to the Director of Client Services. Supporting creative and technical team leads as necessary to finalize materials for pitches....


Technical Writer / Contract Writer - Deeplocal Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA

The Technical Writer / Contract Writer is held accountable to the responsibilities listed below:. Rather than a job description, Deeplocal believes in job...


Copywriter - Deeplocal Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA

Video Storyboarding & Creative Direction - Working alongside Art Director to build video storyboards that tell a cohesive, strategic story....


Art Director - Industrial Design - Deeplocal Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA

The Art Director - Industrial Design is held accountable to the responsibilities listed below:. Area of Expertise - Collaborating with other Art Directors to...


Production Assistant - Deeplocal Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA

Assists with project-related tasks - Tasks are assigned by Producers. Manages shipping for projects - Prepares shipments, tracks status of shipments, ships...


Production Coordinator - Deeplocal Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA

Lead weekly production meetings with all producers and department leads. Ensure hours are being input by staff as required through producers....


Marketing Manager - Deeplocal Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA

The ideal candidate will have considerable writing experience, and should be a strong and versatile writer with the ability to ideate and execute strategic...


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