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Jobs posted within the last 90 days

Senior Copywriter - MARC USA - Pittsburgh, PA

You’ll writer for Broadcast, Print, Online, Social and possibly everything in between, while collaborating closely with all other agency disciplines and clients...


2017 Pittsburgh Summer Internship - MARC USA - Pittsburgh, PA

Creative – Copywriting, Art Direction, UX Design, Web Development. MARC USA is a national, full service, integrated marketing communications firm....


Sys Admin / Network Administrator - MARC USA - Pittsburgh, PA

Set up and troubleshooting of mobile devices. MARC USA is a national, full-service advertising agency with offices in several major cities....


Market Research / Insights Director - MARC USA - Pittsburgh, PA

Agency experience is a plus. Experience working with Research and related vendors. Experience in the creation and development or consumer journey maps....


Digital Marketing Strategist - MARC USA - Pittsburgh, PA

The Digital Marketing Strategist is responsible for the successful management of digital strategies for client brands....


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