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WineZetta @winezetta1

Startup, New York, NY –  employees

We built WineZetta to answer the question: how would wine retail look if invented in the 21st century?
Where traditional stores rely on procedures developed decades ago, every process at WineZetta is high tech. Our purchasing is scientific based on extensive data mining and analytics. Our POS is cloud based and 100% integrated with e-commerce with real time sales synchronization. We offer 100% transparency to our customers with 100% order fulfillment, zero errors and zero stock outs. It is more than a business - it is a scalable set of technologies that work synchronously and efficiently.
We seek investment to build a wine center in NY that will be a #1 shopping and educational destination complete with interactive kiosks and Enomatics - a true 21st century wine shopping experience.
We are a proven omnichannel wine business with nationwide online sales and a retail location in a super-regional shopping center in Westchester.
WineZetta is a 100% women and minority owned business.

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