Francesco Bertocci

UX/UI/Product Designer & Founder

Customising the Sketch Library Preview Image — beta

#Sketch #Libraries #tips

There’s been a lot written about Sketch’s new native library feature, so I won‘t cover old ground. For me, the nested symbols support is a real winner, and I am looking forward to Abstract support…

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How we built our first full-stack JavaScript web app in three weeks

#Dev #Prototyping #Firebase

My three months of coding bootcamp at the Grace Hopper Program have come to a close, and the title of this article is actually not quite true — I’ve now built three full-stack apps: an e-commerce…

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Easy-breezy interactive 3d in FramerJS with Sketchfab API Utility - Sketchfab Blog

#Framer #3D
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Introducing Twilio Studio, the Fastest Way to Build With Twilio

#Twilio #SMS

A visual drag-and-drop interface that allows cross-functional teams to accelerate the development of world-class customer engagement applications.

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Setting Up a Design System with Frames

#Sketch #DesignSystems #UIDesign #Productivity

The system is designed to be lightweight and adaptable to brands, that why many teams find it a really useful tool for building their own libraries based on it. 🖖 Frames Master file is divided into…

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Gifmock: Easily create high quality GIFs from Sketch

#Sketch #Gif #Video

Gifmock is a simple desktop application that helps you create high quality GIFs from your mockups.

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Eureka | Elegant iOS form builder in Swift

#iOS #Swift

Eureka an iOS form builder in Swift made with love by Xmartlabs.

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#MobileDev #iOS #Android #Native #Prototyping

Fuse makes native app development faster, easier and more fun for both developers and designers. Lot's of examples here:

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Campaign Monitor: The All-New Guide to CSS Support in Email

#Email #CSS #HTML

Find an up-to-date guide to CSS support in email. Campaign Monitor includes cutting edge email layout techniques and progressive enhancements.

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6 Animation Guidelines for UX Design

#animation #motion #interactiondesign #UX

Animation can be used to tweak the user’s perception of time, so use this in your favour. For the human brain, anything below 0.1 seconds will seem instantaneous and below 1 second will seem seamless. So, if you have a process that takes 6 seconds for instance, you can break it down in a few separate animations. This trick should make the process feel a lot faster and keep your user engaged.

You can also use animation to fake an instant action that will actually take bit longer in the background. This will make the app feel more responsive even though the process still takes longer than what the user sees.

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Lookback: Simple and powerful user research

#UX #Research #Video

User experience recording made simple. See the screen, face, voice and touches of your users. Record in-house or remotely and without equipment.

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52 Research Terms you need to know as a UX Designer

#UX #Research

Having written the article 53 Tech Terms You Need to Know as a UX Designer it made sense to add research terms into the mix. I’ve put together an A-Z list of research words with explanations in plain…

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Benjamin Wilkins, Airbnb: Thinking in Symbols for Universal Design

#Sketch #DesignSystems #Productivity

Mind blown by this talk by Benjamin Wilkins, Design Technologist at Airbnb. He touches on the internationalization and localization of design elements, and how might we desig...

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