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Lindsey Rock @linzerose

Freelance Copywriter
at Drool Creative Collective in New York City, NY

Available May 01 Freelance

Let's get sticky. All caught up in a catchy idea. Maybe it's a spicy cut. A succulent doodle. A bittersweet concept with a kick. Let's stir things up. Build something big, wet and beautiful. We'll plump it, preen it, juice it up. Drain out the inner richness. What's left? A taste of something great, destined to make a splash-- a tidal wave of oohs and ahhs. One magnificent morsel, just waiting to be unwrapped, discovered, drooled all over, savored, and finally, shared.


Mintz + Hoke, Grey Group, FCB Global, Aloha natural snacks, Cigna, Tailwind, Bushwick Food Cooperative, Universal McCann, Moondog


Integrated advertising, copywriting, social media, digital, print, broadcast



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