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Ryan Eagle @ryanmeagle

ACD Copywriter at Freelance
New York City, NY
Available now Freelance

ACD Copywriter who attacks projects with unfailing conscientiousness; a unique combination of gritty dedication and polished attention to detail. Specialties: Concepting, Digital Media, Social Media, Campaign Integration, Content Creation, Sexy Brand Manifestos, Badass Headlines, Funny Scripts, Writing words that make the logo look bigger.


Land Rover, AT&T, Dell, Nokia, CVS Caremark, Citibank, Levi’s, NCTA, SKYY Vodka, HBO, PGA TOUR, Purina, TD Ameritrade, Bank of America, E*TRADE, Coke, Degree, and many more


Creative Direction, Copywriting, Concepting, Digital, Social, 360 Integrated Campaigns


English, Basic French

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