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Lane Mott @LaneMott

design director, creative director
at self employed in New York City, NY

Available Freelance or Fulltime

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Lane Mott is a small business owner, manager and a hands-on creative problem solver.
As an Art Director, Creative Director and Designer for over 19 years, he has created branding, interactive and print programs for clients such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Diageo (Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, J&B, Guinness, Zacapa Rum), Casa Dragones, Taco Bell, Sony, Lincoln Mercury, Blockbuster, Xerox and Citi. Lane started his career at Wunderman in Chicago working on branding and design for Taco Bell and Blockbuster. Several years later, he was selected to be one of the founding creatives charged with spearheading the opening of the Southern California branch of the agency. This new environment gave him the opportunity to partner with Y&R and Landor to create work for Jaguar and Lincoln in a 360 degree agency setting. After moving to New York, Lane quickly found a role with Shaw, an agency that worked almost exclusively on Diageo Brands. After the agency was acquired, and the subsequent move back into big agency bureaucracy, Lane transitioned to a smaller entrepreneurial venture called The New Cruelty. As part of The New Cruelty, a creative production agency working directly with photographers, artists, reps, agencies and corporate clients, Lane both managed and executed projects for Citi’s Global Transaction Services division. This streamlined way of working directly with the client increased satisfaction on all fronts, not to mention revenue for the agency.


Jaguar, Land Rover, Diageo, Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, VO, J&B, Guinness, Zacapa Rum, Casa Dragones, Taco Bell, Sony, Lincoln Mercury, Blockbuster, Xerox, Citi, Kiehls, AMEX, njoy, Novartis.


Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design Direction, UX, Mobile,



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