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Scott Seligman @Scott

Creative Director/Art Director
at Omnicom, CDM, TPN, R&R Partners, Sarkissian Mason in New York, NY

Available Freelance www.mostdefi.net/
I love to teach
I mentor nice people

A creative director living in Manhattan. My mom tells me I was a bad kid. I spent most of my youth getting out of trouble — trouble I had started. Once I learned to avoid getting myself into sticky situations (for the most part), I was left with a habit for problem-solving. I knew better than to make problems, but I needed to feed the habit. I was pulled to design. After dabbling in many disciplines, I landed on graphic design. The quick work cycle and direct communication appealed to my ADHD brain in a way nothing had before. Going into my 10th year, I can’t say I am lacking any of the excitement that drew me in. I spend my time trying to get a laugh, enjoying a beer, making up songs with my wife, playing games and tricks of all manner, and being excited for all the trouble I will get in tomorrow. I am also a highly skilled player of the card game Magic the Gathering.


Las Vegas, Boeing, Bank of America, Mazda, Ford, Comcast, Hersey, Biogen, Zappos, Remax, Western Digital, NCL


Creative Direction, Art Direction, UX design, Web design, game design, HTML, Swift, Unity3d, video production, Animation, 3d animation



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