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Yuki Hirayama @YukiHirayama

Product Designer / UX / UI
in New York, NY

Available Freelance or Fulltime

Hi, I’m a multi-passionate UX / industrial designer -  Runner (NYC marathon x 2) / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / 360 filming / AI / 3D Printing / Entrepreneurship / Brompton Enthusiast / Aspiring TriAthlete / Epicurean / Public Speaking (Advanced Communicator Bronze - Toastmasters International) +++Experience working on projects from Comcast to MoMA+++
Seeking a full-time position as part of a Design team that will use my high level of commitment and design skills to its fullest advantage and allow me the satisfaction of seeing the results of my efforts.


"Comcast" "MoMA" "Williams Sonoma" "KitchenAid" "Crate & Barrel" "Built" "Fiesta" "Cuisinart" "Martha Stewart" "FoodNetwork" "Sharp" "Budweiser"


Art Direction, UX, Industrial Design, 3D modeling, Packaging Design, Engineering, Research


English, Japanese

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