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Angel Guzman @alphadogscreative

Graphic Designer
in Philadelphia, PA

Available www.alphadogscreative.net

Hey! Angel here Graphic Designer and Founder for Alpha Dogs Creative Agency . I started as a simple flyer designer for urban clients that ran small businesses such as local pubs, banquet halls and clubs. After being in the business for well over 7 years I learned how to build off my business serving not only those clients but others in the small business industry with their startup and keeping them up to date with being Alpha Dogs in their industry. I love serving small business but overall any client that does business with us will be Alpha Dogs after its all said and done. We provide businesses with branding identity, web development, digital advertising and print products as well. Come visit us at http://wwwalphadogscreative.net


Ghost the Barber DJ Oz Docucare Copy Service


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flyer design, Logos, Branding, Web Design, WordPress



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