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Emma Shannon @emmafashionista

Creative Director
at Freelance in New York, NY

Available Freelance or Fulltime emmashannon.com

I've killed two of the most famous taglines in the wold; Wisk's Ring Around the Collar and Maybelline's Maybe she's born with it. I also started a diaper brand called kidnorant, because I don't know shit about babies. From the tents of New York Fashion Week to the slopes at Sundance, I’ve made it my mission to craft clickable, shareable, and irresistibly engaging content for brands ranging from Amex to Kotex.


7-Eleven, American Express, Chase, Essie, HP, Maybelline, Mountain Dew, Nine West, Pepsi, Shiseido, Starbucks, Tetley, Wisk


Copywriting, Concepting, Brainstorming, Naming, Branding, Creative Direction



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