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Hello 2018!

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Hello everyone and happy new year!

I am very excited for what the new year will bring us! So much happened in 2017 in the UX/UI Design and Prototyping space!

Here are some of the things you should check out in case you missed them. A big one for me was the evolution of symbols in Sketch and design systems as well as collaboration among team members, and easier handoffs and if you work with React, lots of exciting things there too.

The last 6 months of 2017 I was pretty busy with a job out of town so I could not organize as many events but I am planning to start the year strong and we'll have events in NYC around:
– "Why it's good to prototype early and often" an event on the (crowded) prototyping space and. Good if you are new to the group/space. This an updated presentation I based on
Timeline by Anima App (just released!)
Fuse Tool's improved UI
Framer Studio
InVision Studio
Figma 2.0

Other big announcement was AdobeXD for Windows

Tons of products now have "Studio" in their name as they all rush to become the all-in-one tool to designers. 🚀

Sketch Workshops in January:
Basic if you are starting now
Advanced if you want to learn more advanced workflows or techniques.

Depending on availability, I organize custom workshop for teams. 

What would you like to learn or improve in 2018?

💌 Shoot me an email
and let me know! 😀


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Hello 2018

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