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How UX Hiring Managers Assess and Hire Candidates (Thu, Apr 5)

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How UX Hiring Managers Assess and Hire Candidates with Lead UX from Idean
Thu, April 5, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Are you looking to find a new UX role or break into the field? Do you know how hiring managers really look for, evaluate and select candidates and what is going on in their mind during the hiring process? It is quite important to understand that to be able to prepare and have an edge over many other candidates in a competitive job market. We invited a seasoned UX leader from Idean (a global design firm that works with the world's leading companies like IBM, Volkswagen and Samsung) to share those insights in a talk that will be followed by an interactive fireside chat.
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How ux hiring managers assess and hire candidates with lead ux

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