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Event: Prototyping in Sketch 49 and What's New / ProtoWire & More Demos

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Sketch 49 brings quite a few improvements. Some obvious like prototyping within Sketch and some less obvious like easier-to-look-at override panels and find-and-replace colors.

– Prototyping in Sketch
– Shared Libraries on Sketch Cloud
Read more about both

– Improved Find And Replace Colors:
I wrote a quick Medium post about this

ProtoWire Demo (Advanced, responsive prototyping within Sketch)

– The Sketch 49 workshop and Protowire demo will be held by me

– Other speakers TBD. Reach out if you'd like to present!

As usual if you are a student or can’t afford the ticket let me know and I’d be more than happy to sponsor you. Reach out at francesco@freeandwilling.com See you soon!

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Prototyping in sketch 49 and what s new  protowire

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