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Protowire: Prototyping in Sketch (30% off!)

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No coding or exporting to other applications:
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Rather than something you do at the end, Protowire aims to integrate interaction and animation into the design process without having to change your designs to suit the software.

  • Integrated into Sketch
    No need to export to a separate prototyping application - review the prototype instantly in Sketch or on a device.

  • UI Animations
    Just by moving layers around you can have overlays appear and disappear.

  • Screen Transitions
    Quickly create the flow of your app by linking up artboards from layers or hotspots.

  • Responsive Design
    Use Sketch’s resizing constraints and responsive artboard groups to make prototypes that work on any screen size.

To celebrate the launch there is 30% off the pro version by using coupon code 9146C9AF. 

Offer expires on Monday 26th February at 4pm Pacific Time.

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Protowire prototyping in sketch

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