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Josh Tavlin @joshtavlin

Creative Director / Copywriter
at tavlin.com in New York, NY

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Josh Tavlin (that's me) is a Creative Director/Copywriter with 25 years experience transforming brands like IBM, American Express, SAP, Michelin, Accenture and the Bank of New York /Mellon. His work has been recognized at Cannes, The One Show, D&DD, the Effies, Communication Arts, the Andy's and more. His campaign for the NY Mets appeared on America's Funniest Commercials, and his commercial for Michelin appeared during the Super Bowl. Josh (again, me) has lead teams in the traditional space, the digital space, the experiential space and all the spaces in between -- this includes teaching duties at the Pratt Institute. Josh (this is the last time), a native New Yorker, is a graduate of McGill University.


IBM, American Express, WebMd, Comcast, SAP, Michelin, the Bank of New York Mellon, Accenture, Bristol-MeyersSquibb, Thomson Reuters, the New York Mets, Pfizer, Miller Beer, Sportsnet NY, WebMd, Chase, GlaxoSmithKline, Viagra, Hershey, Ford, AT&T, Wm Grant Spirits.


Copywriter, Creative Director



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