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Martha Hipley @mhipley

UX/UI developer, interactive designer
at self employed in New York, NY

Available Freelance or Fulltime marthahipley.com/

I straddle both design and development and can easily communicate and work with both sides of the divide (secret: there isn't one). I'm also into speculative tech and always looking for something new to learn. I don't take tech too seriously, but I do take pride in my work.


MLBAM, ASCAP, Varick Media Management, Creatures of Comfort, The Line, Seagull Hair, Sony Music, Aimée Wilder


UX/UI design & development, front end development, VR & 3D experiences, physical computing & immersive experiences, browser plugins, data visualization, graphic design & illustration, e-commerce development


English, some French, some Spanish

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