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Nikki Espartinez @nikkiespartinez

Art Director
in New York City, NY

Available Freelance or Fulltime about.me/nikkiespartinez
I love to teach: Basic Graphic Design, Design Theory, Image composition, Photography

I like to marry my many interests, mainly: Interactive Design, film, film noir, photography and commerce. Whether it's an upcoming product, or a once-in-a-lifetime campaign, or even something as simple as a cover art, I take things seriously. I take my work seriously - I actually love what I do and what I've been given with. I refuse to be influenced too much by others. I'd like to be the sum of all my interests, not just a product of fanaticism, certainly not by others I consider my peers. behance.net/nikkiespartinez


Art Direction, Visual Design, UI design, Presentation Design, Interactive Design, Photography, Photo Editing


English, Filipino

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