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Pedro Gonzalez @pedrogonzalez

Brand, graphic & digital designer
at Independent / Self-employed in Curitiba, Brazil, --

Available Freelance or Fulltime
I mentor nice people

I believe that brands are part of our everyday life, commercially or as cultural products, and that’s why every brand has (or should have) its own visual language.
I'm here to help you communicate your brand – be it a product or a service –, with your audience, by merging culture, media and branding strategies with a suitable design language on the proper platform, printed or digital.


O Boticario, Volvo, Briggs&Stratton, HSBC, Magnetron, Branco, Renault, ABI, InBev.


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design, Design Pattern Research, Digital, Editorial, Language: English, Language: Portuguese, Language: Spanish, Low / High Fidelity Prototyping, Management of Teams 1-10, Print, Retail, Sketch, Strategy, Type Design, Vector


English, Portuguese & basic Spanish.

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