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Mirko Santangelo @santangelomirko

Senior Designer
at Paper Tiger in New York City, NY

Not Available
I love to teach: UX Design, UI Design, Web Design, Figma, Sketch, Creative Suite, HTML, CSS

When I think about why I chose this way of life, I always come back to one word: Balance. You hear often that balance is important to a healthy life. And balance is just as important in my work. Design is a kind of visual communication, where you must balance each element correctly to a deliver the power of a product, or an idea. And just as in life, there are no shortcuts in design. The trip is never a short one: To produce great products, you have the need to improve yourself, your knowledge and your skills. My work is a daily challenge, step by step, towards ever- elusive perfection. I am fortunate that my work and my life have helped me create relationships with truly positive, imaginative people. Fortunately, many of them share my passions for music, reading, Zen culture.


Adobe, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, ANCI - National Association of Italian Municipalities, Argo Software, Canon, Catania Municipality, Dalton Agency Group - China, Expobit, International Technologies Expò Envato - USA, Fine Arts Academy of Catania, Ikea, iStockPhotos, Italian National Minister of Youth, Julius Design, La Sicilia Newpaper NAD School - Naples, Nikon - Nital, PhotoSpotLand, Pozo Fashion - Australia, La Repubblica - National Newspaper, Regione Sicilia, Red Oddity - Bolzen, Tap Forms App - Canada, Teacher In A Box, Telecom Italia - Working Capital, Rokivo - New York, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sikanie - Visual Arts Center, StudioLatino, X-Rite Pantone, The Wishlist - Japan, University of Studies of Catania, Wacom, Wordpress, White Rabbits Workshops


User Interface Design, User Experience, Visual Design, Mobile Design, Product Design, Web Design, Icon Design, Typography, Graphic Design, Branding & Identity, Logo Design, Digital Imaging, Digital Manipulation, Teaching, Post Production, Photography, HTML, HAML, Django, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, AppleScript


Italian, English

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