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FreeFlow is a plugin for Sketch to boost your daily productivity, so you can focus on building better products and make your life a little happier 🌈

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πŸ‘‰  Using Sketch Beta you can also install the FreeFlow Assistant - more about Assistants here.

New in v2.9.6:
πŸ‘‰  Create a Style Guide of all document Colors, Text & Layer Styles (Beta)
πŸ‘‰  Styleguide includes CSS values

Minor bugfixes

New in v2.9.5:
πŸ‘‰  Duplicate Selected Layers in any Direction: Right, Down, Top and Left
πŸ‘‰  Batch Rename Text & Layer Styles (Beta)
πŸ‘‰  Smart Sizing & Pinning: Set Selected Layers to Full Width or Height and Auto Pin Them
(This is a taste of FreeFlow Autopilot – coming soon)
Minor bugfixes

New in v2.9:
πŸ‘‰  Create Typographic Scales from Selected Text Layer Style and Document Colors
πŸ‘‰  Duplicate Selected Text Layer, Group or Instance with CSV data from Data Symbol
Minor bugfixes

New in v2.7:
πŸ‘‰  Populate Selected Instance with CSV data (Generate tables super fast - Beta) 
Minor bugfixes

New in v2.6:
πŸ‘‰  Export Selected Artboards as a self-contained SVG Animation (Preview in Browser, export code - Beta)
Minor bugfixes

New in v2.5:
πŸ‘‰  Export Artboards or selected Layers to a responsive HTML Slideshow (Beta)
Minor bugfixes

πŸ‘‰  Batch create Symbols, Text and Layer Styles and Document Colors
πŸ‘‰  "AutoLayout" (Beta) set spacing between elements or within groups
πŸ‘‰  Position elements based on the distance from right and bottom edges of the parent group or artboard


FreeFlow allows you to quickly "Copy & Paste":
πŸ‘‰  Master Symbols as Instances
πŸ‘‰  Any Layer to Multiple Artboards or Groups

πŸ‘‰  Symbol Overrides (from Instance to Instance)
πŸ‘‰  Text values, Size & Position, Colors, Fonts, Opacity

πŸ“Ί Watch the demo (v1 only)
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πŸš€ You can also copy a master symbol & paste it (insert it) as an instance into one or many artboards at once! Making it much easier to create nested symbols following atomic design best practices.


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Made with ❀️  in NY by Francesco Bertocci


FreeFlow Sketch Plugin Download (v2.9.6)

Set Selection (as reference)


Insert Stored Master Symbol into Artboards or Folders

Paste Stored Selection to Artboards or Folders

Select Similar Elements

Sync Stored Size to Symbols or Elements

Sync Stored Height to Symbols or Elements

Sync Stored Width to Symbols or Elements

Sync Stored Position to Symbols or Elements

Sync Stored Overrides to Other Symbols

Sync Stored Text Values to Text Layers or Symbols

Sync Stored Opacity to Elements

Apply Stored Font Family to Symbols or Text Layers