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Kathy Ruiz @kathyruiz

Creative Director
at NVRLND in New York, NY

Available Freelance or Fulltime

Imagine the impossible. Now make it happen. That's how I've always approached life--embracing challenges, seeking the unexpected, defying gravity. After all, scientists are the best artists, for they must use their wild imagination to see the invisible forces that make us fly. No matter how impossible something seems, I've always made things possible by being creative. I break rules. I shake things up. Always have, always will. I have a constant desire to make things happen. I believe in the power of ideas, music, and action--3 things which have the power of change. They are indestructible. They make people invincible. They live forever. I'm in the business of selling ideas, empowering dreams, inspiring hope, and creating the impossible. I focus on digital and experiential advertising because it's painful to see how digital consumes people--how it distracts, interrupts, interferes, and eventually attempts to replace real experiences. For years, people and agencies have focused too much on deliverables, instead of 'the big idea'. But these days it's no longer about the big idea, it's about 'the broader vision'. I'm constantly aiming to restore the real, analog experience through the use of technology. It's not about replacing what's real, but rather trying to enhance it to deliver more meaningful experiences, therefore understanding how and when to use technology is essential to make a campaign truly valuable. I embrace new technologies, and love discovering new ways of using them to create compelling campaigns and platforms. I love being in the beautiful chaos of advertising as I've witnessed the potential it has to become something truly extraordinary. That's why I'm an active member of events which are redefining the industry, like Advertising Week (NY & Europe), Creative Week, ADC events, the 3% Conference in San Francisco, the Web and START Summits, and more.


VW, Lincoln, Maserati, GM, Samsung, Philips, Sony, Chase, Louis Vuitton, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, Microsoft, Intel, SAP, Drop Cam, StriVectin, Coty, Duracell, Burger King, Best Buy, Walmart, LinkedIn, Sally Hansen, Aflac, OWN network, Olay, Visa, Mastercard, FA Cup, Argos, WWF, Bang and Olufsen, Europcar, Tic Tac...


Art Direction, Creative Strategy, Team management, conceptualizing, pitching, design, directing, photography, retouching, film, acting, editing


English, Spanish, basic French, basic Italian, basic Dutch

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