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WellSquad @wellsquad

Startup, New York, NY – 1/10/2017 employees

WellSquad is a fitness marketplace that gives the user control of the services they receive for their money. Need to run a 8 minute mile to qualify for an upcoming race and only have $50 dollars to spend? Connect with one of our Squad Leaders who will offer a customized monthly program catered towards your goals. Additionally, WellSquad can matches you to the ideal fitness partner and offers incentives toward achieving fitness goals. Squads are developed to form workouts and create communities amongst friends that hold users accountability and keep everyone motivated. WellSquad can seamlessly integrate with fitness devices to allows for mutual goal tracking that can be used towards discounts to local wellness companies. WellSquad is a supportive community for beginners, people who have limited funds to get fit, individuals who want to connect to others with similar interests, and advanced fitness users who want to push their limits or make some extra cash. 

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