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Introducing Libraries and Smooth Corners in Sketch 47

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Hello team!! Finally Sketch 47 is here and, alongside a number of smaller bug fixes and improvements, this latest release includes one of our biggest updates yet.

PRO TIP: when Sketch releases a new version it's VERY likely that some plugins will break or that there might be some bugs. It happens when you innovate fast as the team does.

I highly suggest making a backup of your Sketch app (and any file BEFORE opening it with a new version). Then:

1) Duplicate the Sketch app in the app folder (Command + D)
2) Rename the "copy" with the version number (for example "Sketch App 43.2") 
3) Launch Sketch app (not renamed) and check for updates if you are not prompted with an update, and install them

Enjoy both, or more versions of Sketch at once, use them to open files from others that have not or cannot upgrade yet and use the latest one to make sure everything is working in your workflow before making the jump!

Safe Sketching everyone!

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Introducing libraries and smooth corners in sketch 47

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